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Sinistro by DJ ADAMM


19-year-old DJ ADAMM may have only started making music a year ago, but despite his young age and recent arrival in the Lisbon global club scene he has already crafted a truly unique sound that sets him apart from his peers.

His debut EP ‘Sinistro’ sees the young DJ and producer bringing together the energy of Lisbon’s afro-house scene with the global appeal of techno, reflecting his experience growing up in the suburbs of Lisbon, where you’re just as likely to hear kuduro beats blasting from local block parties or passing cars, as you are to hear Jeff Mills techno classics. Growing up there, it’s not surprising that DJ ADAMM would look at these different music styles as complementary pieces of a music puzzle, something that made all the sense in the world to bring together when he first sat down at the computer to make a beat.

Both ‘Entre Paredes’ and ‘Bósnia’ showcase the emerging raw talent of DJ ADAMM, painting a sonic picture of Lisbon’s thriving global club scene, where a new generation of producers is constantly experimenting with the rhythmic patterns from all over the Portuguese-speaking world, recontextualizing them to reflect their own experiences growing up in a city where musical heritage has found its place in the club.

released July 5, 2019

Produced by DJ ADAMM
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering