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Cumbia de barrio by Fuerte Sonidero

Fuerte Sonidero was born in León, Gto. In the San Miguel neighborhood, a neighborhood known for listening to cumbia in its streets, from Sonidera, Colombia, Vallenata, Wepa and others. Wanting to continue taking the cumbia, she meets two DJs from Leon who have taken her to the bars, one of them Fideo Cósmico and the second SStorbo, having entered the world of FS mixes, he begins to be interested in producing his own cumbias with a mix wepa and a bit of futuristic. Thus the first cumbia was born and he had a collaboration with the Satanic Dr. Trvza and participated in one of his works.
I hope you like the tracks, dance them with a lot of flavor and enjoy them as much as we do.
Greetings to the entire Cumbiera race!
released February 9, 2020

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With your purchase or donation you are helping keep Caballito Netlabel alive. Thanks.