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Subconscious Illusion EP by MindFoxx

We look and sometimes see. In this EP, dimensions become accessible only because they exist in a form of imagination, dream-creation and enactment. Dots become a picture, the particles begin to move and something shifts within the core of the being. The experience settles in with an impressive amount of shaken off layers over layers of limiting beliefs. No more impediments for the observer to observe, obeying only the rules of pre-consciousness. If now is an illusion, than we are waking up and waking up and waking up…anyway, if we drop in motion, weightless, the chances are we might flow.

From all that mass behind horizons, the MindFoxx picks what has no name, encapsulating stories in sound reminders, that we are here to wake life from its rest.

I would like to thank all the lovely people who support me and stand behind me.

released October 22, 2019

Written & Produced by MindFoxx
Artwork by Renato Rocha
Mastered at Ohxalá Records Studio in Porto, Portugal