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Detras de Lo Invisible by Vachantu

¨Detrás de lo Invisible¨ (means Behind the Invisible) by Vachantu is the new ¨magical act¨ presented by Cosmovision Records, an electronic musical work with Andean influences, inspired by this concept both in its sound and in its cosmogony.

In this creation, Vachantu proposes a journey with flashes of joy and depth at the same time, with lots of sounds sampled by himself while in nature, playing with syncopation and polyrhythms and also influenced by the rhythms of Afro-Ecuadorian music, the sounds of the Colombian Atlantic and the Argentine chacarera.

Added to this EP are the visions of two interesting actors from the current Latin American electronic folklore scene such as Mente Orgánica and El Extravagante, bringing new perspectives to a release full of organic rhythms and warm colors, suitable for contemplation and reflective listening as for the dance spaces, enjoy!

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¨Detrás de lo Invisible¨ por Vachantu (más algunos artista invitados sorpresa) es el nuevo ¨acto mágico¨ presentado por Cosmovision Records, un trabajo musical electrónico con influencias andinas, inspirado por esta corriente, tanto en su sonido como en su… more
released March 5, 2021

Artwork by: Adrián Callejas Aka ¨El Tripador¨
Composed, produced and recorded by Martin Matillav
Featuring : Rosario Pallares, David West
Original Mixes Mastered by: Juan Pablo Rivas