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Orbital Debris by Vincent Gericke

My name is Vincent Gericke, I am a musician from Düsseldorf, Germany. I have lived in Frankfurt, London and St. Petersburg but it seems that my hometown is the most inspiring environment for me. With a family enthusiastic about music and a father that played in a Jazz Band, I started playing the keyboard and piano from a very young age. As a kid it was my older brother who confronted me with electronic music and this was the beginning of my musical journey in front of sequencers.

I discovered a musical genre that was new to me but it evoked a feeling that I knew for a long time already. My search for something new went through experimental phases where I explored polyrhythms and unusual harmonies. Creating a feeling of belonging, homelike with a nostalgic touch that most people can relate to.

This is because I actually want to share my emotions with the people out there. Music is just the carrier and I hope that you will feel delighted and have a pleasant experience when you listen to my music. There is not much more about my music because each time I start a track with a clear mind. It is always connected to the unknown while I am guided by my senses and emotions.

Written by Vincent Gericke in Düsseldorf
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released July 21, 2022