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La identidad es una trampa by San Ignacio Fértil Discos

La identidad es una trampa by San Ignacio (Fértil Discos, Buenos Aires)

La Identidad es una Trampa is San Ignacio’s second full length album, In a dark yet organic way, this record explores the popular danceable rhythms of South America mixed with electronic textures.

Jumping from cumbia to funky carioca, from digital copla to rasteirinha and from nu-jazz to progressive (and danceable) tropicalism, San Ignacio creates a surprising, intimist and experimental journey, which can be equally enjoyed in a mountain, a slum or a night club.

Featuring brazilian Arnaldo Antunes (Titas, Tribalistas) within a poem over a downpitched funk carioca rhythm, a powerful electronic version of a copla (argentinian traditional chant) sang by Lola Bhajan (trans-gender multidimensional artist from Buenos Aires), poet/singer Projeto Mujique (Voodoohop), which mixes dark voices and electronic textures with the traditional bombo leguero (traditional argentinian drum) and El Remolon, label founder and pioneer in mixing genres in the ZZK label crew.

The record has other featured artists as Rumbo Tumba, Xanducero and Mr Island.

Digital and vinyl version will be available on May 15th.

La Identidad es una Trampa will be officially presented on march 20th, 2020, at La Confitería (Buenos Aires).

San Ignacio is an argentinian musician, producer and dj, currently living in the Paraná Delta. His compositions involve latin american rhythms, acoustic/electric instruments, poetry and electronic music, understanding Latin America as a huge, ancestral fatherland, full of colours and traditions, but also (nowadays) urban and full of technologies and modern life. From this perspective, he has recorded and published five records since 2015, as well as several tracks for compilations for different labels. He has toured across Latin America and Europe.