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Luca Averna & Chris Coco – Oh! by eclectics

December 2020: Eclectics release The Oh! EP by Luca Averna and Chris Coco

“Music is a means of rapid transportation” John Cage

As the world and its wife tries to board the last plane out of 2020, Eclectics rolls up with a charter flight big enough to ferry all-comers to Shangri-La. The Oh! EP, from Ibiza-based Italian producer Luca Averna and legendary British veteran Chris Coco, is 35 minutes of delightful, deep-dive distraction from a world gone mad.

This isn’t simply a collection of tunes sitting cheek-by-jowl with their remixes, this is a soaring suite – a movement in five parts put together with care, confidence and consummate craft.

First up on the in-flight entertainment is “There Is No Planet B”. Despite the distress-signal sentiment of the title, it’s an audio hug of breathy synths, languorous lead lines and slow, whirling propeller percussion. A mid-paced reminder that we really are all in this together, the melodic flow coalesces midway through, giving directions to the dance.

The Veteran Delinquents (Joe’s Bakery and Passport to Paradise stalwart Craig Christon along with producer Tim Hutton) pick up the baton and increase the momentum like veteran DJs… more
released December 27, 2020

Artwork by Santi Oviedo