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Arria del Animo EP by Zoe Reijue

Hailing from the largest country in the world by area — Russian Federation, Zoe Reijue is a young artist, a graduated musician acoustic piano who has been practicing since childhood. Later, walking around the globe, she found herself immerse in an enthralling passion, the crush’s name: Downtempo electronic music. At that point, Zoe just wanted to make music, overwhelmed by intense feelings of joy, love, and peace. Then, having no directives from her social inner circle, she bought Ableton live with a discount for students. Currently, the Moscow-based producer makes unfailingly cheerful music with subtle percussion and high-flying landscapes.

Since the appearance of her first tracks, released in the ‘Level::xx’ Compilation on the Russian label Leveldva seven months ago, she’s been playing at chillrave areas in Moscow, also delivering a side b, working as a set decorator, sharing happiness through making cozy atmosphere for people. Surrounded by a certain hyperactivity that satisfies her animate inner-self, Zoe has been working at full blast in her artistic projects. Last week, paired with the German producer Iorie, she had ‘Tales Between Worlds’ EP released by the German label Serafin Audio Imprint. And, we proudly release her… more
released April 13, 2020

Artwork\ Peter Witt

Mastering\ IBenji

Music\ Produced and mixed by Zoe Reijue

Zoe Reijue\