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Naacals by Hajna

Cosmovision Records is happy to present you “Naacals,” the first LP by Damien Carissimo aka Hajna, a multi-instrumentalist who focuses on producing deep electronic magical stories, full of organic percussions, cinematic quotes and bewitching rhythms.

“Naacals” is the story of a traveller in search of an answer, a deep initiation quest to find the lost civilization of the Naacals and their ancient wisdom. As memories and dreams unfold before the traveller’s eyes, a soulful journey into the mind begins, inviting the listener to dive into an ocean of diverse textures and smooth beats, from downtempo to folktronica and subtle side-trips: a mystical journey from beginning to end.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful release, keep listening to us and sharing our music. A big hug to all of you and thank you for all the shared love!

⭐ Español

Cosmovision Records se enorgullece de presentar su primer LP por ¨Hajna¨, nombre artístico del personaje que ilustra las historias sonoras de Damien Carissimo, multi-instrumentalista enfocado a la producción de profundos sonidos electrónicos y mágicas historias, llenas de percusiones y sonidos orgánicos, citas… more
released October 13, 2019

Mixed by Damien Carissmo
Cover Art by Pia Vidal
Mastering by Rob Small