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When The Waters Refused Our History by Sunken Cages

Sunken Cages is the moniker for Ravish Momin, an Indian-born
drummer, electronic music producer and educator. For the past
decade, Momin has been experimenting with enhancing his acoustic

drum sounds with electronic ones, and has crafted a unique electro-
acoustic approach. He triggers sounds and textures, layers live-
loops and manipulates them ‘on the fly’, to blur the lines between

composition and improvisation. While rooted in Indian folk and Black
Music traditions, Sunken Cages is also influenced by the street
sounds of South African G’com, Angolan Kuduro and Egyptian

On the Corner have taken a deep dive into the murky waters where
ancient percussion are jolted through history with a high voltage
shock of experimental electronics. Across the territory of ‘When the
Waters Refused Our History’, Sunken Cages channels his own
journey and that of the world of his ancestors and adroitly breaches
the porous frontiers being pushed by the cosmic adventures-led
released April 30, 2021