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Kambara’ Anga by Don Plok

released July 17, 2020

All tracks written & produced by Pablo Carpignano between 2015 – 2020, except “Axêxê” (Original Sample from Gabriel S. Carvalho), “Mi Mai“, produced with Daniela Nanclares (voice). “Puro Estracto” was produced with Agustín Jarkowsky (Jarki).

Miriam Gomes: vocals & lyrics in “N’goni Vá”.
Daniela Nanclares: vocals & lyrics in “Mi Mai“.
Agustín Jarkowski: Guitars and Theremin in “Puro Estracto“ and Guitar in Axêxê.
Vocal sample in Annica dub: S. N. Goenka
Marco Barbieri: Synth on “La Pelona”
Santiago Aragón: Trumpet on “African Midi”

Recorded in Nogal Estudio (Buenos Aires) by Jerónimo Escajal & Parador Machado x Pablo Carpignano.
Mixed by Jerónimo Escajal y Pablo Carpignano in Nogal Estudio (Buenos Aires).
Mastering by Jerónimo Escajal.

Artwork by Alejandro Sordi

Executive production by Pablo Carpignano & Folcore Records
Folcore Records website: