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New Wave Hookers by Black Mandingo

New Wave Hookers
by Black Mandingo

About Black Mandingo & New Wave Hookers

Black Mandingo is a producer from the south of Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina and one of the greatest exponents of the suburban underground scene of the city of Río de la Plata in the southern cone of Latin America of the first wave of remixed electronic cumbias and mashups that It was characterized by its hard and forceful style, loaded with influences ranging from funk, electro and noise, to synth wave, darkwave and industrial.

Without a doubt one of the Argentine producers with the most self-confidence, freshness and carelessness of the last decades. Always from the shadows, tirelessly producing highly danceable material with a mix of styles that brings both confusion and ecstasy when entering the dancefloor, wherever it is.

New Wave Hookers is the producer’s most recent work, also known as Pablo Laverno, featuring 10 bold tracks, reminiscent of retro-futuristic, darkwave, electropical, worthy of a John Carpenter movie soundtrack why not…

released July 31, 2020

All tracks written and produced by Pablo Laverno

Mixed by Andrés Oddone / Bugambilia Estudio (MX)

Mastering by Producciones Ensimismadas (ZGZ/ES)

Artwork by Fran Spertino

Executive production by Germán de Souza / Folcore Records