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Yamii EP by Kútus

Sharing the enthusiasm to merge simultaneously the best of two worlds — organic and electronic music, the Berlin-based producers Distoport and Sebastian Gabriel team up as the duo Kútus, focusing on the slow multicultural music’s seductiveness; an unconstrained musical framework coupled with a breaking of the 4×4 contract. With roots in Ecuador and Peru, they consider themselves as part of the slow-music movement and affirm their commitment to the listeners, because music is about connecting with people’s emotions. It’s personal and at the same time, universal.

Guitarist since the age of 13, Distoport has a background in an Indie Rock band and currently is becoming a professional sound designer. His passion for different instruments from variety of cultures has motivated him to learn to play more instruments and implement them in the process of electronic productions. Instruments like the South American charango, the quena, the Pan Flute, and the Turkish bağlama. On the other side, Sebastian Gabriel’s discovered his affection for electronic music at the well-known Fusion Festival 10 years ago. As a Berlin native he enjoyed nightlife there to the fullest but now is directing efforts on his own music projects. Hence, their second EP titled ‘Yamii’ is the… more
released March 3, 2020


Artwork\ Fernando Barcellos

Layout\ Miss Häbbit

Master\ Arthur Carneiro ‘El Peche’

Music\ by Kútus

Track 01 & 03\ Produced and remixed by Kútus

Track 02\ Produced and remixed by Kútus, MN.JA vocals and Perifary’s Hang Drum.

Track 04\ Remixed by Aloe