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Ukuwela EP by Zulu Project

Zulu Project’s music is an electronic cultural blend inspired by his two countries of origin: France and Guinea. Zulu Project starts mixing techno beats from the 90’s with traditional sounds while he is in Berlin. Both influences with little in common actually share one root: Simplicity. His curiosity and will to travel and discover the world take him to Buenos Aires where he is involved for a year with the Blue Sunday events in collaboration with the Trash Republique Collective. Back to his home base of Paris, he shares different DJ sets with Marc Romboy and Dan Curtin during the wild parties at Batofar. He is part of the reshaping and evolution of the underground Parisian electronic scene with ‘Les ateliers Wonder’ that he manages with a partner.
His relentless traveling mind takes him on a trip around the globe for 2 years during which he is part of different music festivals in India, Mexico and Brazil with the Voodoohop Collective. His EP ‘Ukuwela’ is produced during this world tour and will be available with ‘Ohxala record’ and will be part of the ‘Mozaique’ mix from the ‘Curuba’ label.

‘Ukuwela’ tells the story of a 2-year trip around the world with a mission: Erasing borders to look for fragments of sounds, dusty landscape and colors to listen to. ‘Only one who wanders finds new paths’. ‘Ukuwela’ means ‘to go across’ in Zulu and it tells the story of this journey across the globe.
released October 24, 2019

Remixes and artwork by Renato Rocha and Rafael Johnson.
Mastered at Ohxalá Records Studio in Porto, Portugal