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Nosso Remixed by Branko


Branko reached out to some of his favourite producers of the Global Club Music universe to remix ‘Nosso’ and our inbox is on fire right now. We’re releasing all 9 remixes for free, one by one, every week. Check the release schedule below and don’t miss a single one!

05/06 — Branko – Stand By (feat. Umi Copper) [Club Version]

12/06 — Branko & PEDRO – MPTS (DKVPZ Remix)

19/06 — Branko – Hear From You (feat. Cosima & Sango) [Oceantied Remix]

26/06 — Agua Con Sal (feat. Catalina García) [PEDRO Remix]

03/07— Branko & PEDRO – MPTS (Chords Version) [DJ Polo Remix]

10/07 — Branko – Tudo Certo (feat. Dino d’Santiago) [Noire Remix]

17/07 — Branko – Sempre (feat. Mallu Magalhães) [Jinku Remix]

24/07 — Branko – Stand By (feat. Umi Copper) [Petit Piment Remix]

31/07 — Branko – Movimento (JLZ Remix)

released June 5, 2019