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Chapter One: El Mago by Scott Xylo

El Mago is the first EP instalment in Scott Xylo’s new 3 part album ‘Myths Of The Space Wizard’. The longplayer comprises of three chapters in his own words, ‘Each project will showcase sounds and myths of his growth and quest of defeating death’.

EL Mago, is heavily Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s psychedelic Western EL Topo drawing links to the Samurai films of the 60’s. It begins the story of the Space Wizard’s struggle with feelings of loss, grief, frustration and depression, ‘He is drowning in his own darkness’. With narratives engaging the darker side of human introspection songs like ‘Flowers in The Snow’ investigate how death gives you flowers that you’ll never see grow. ‘Black Sea Of Trees’ is about the frustration of being trapped in a place that doesn’t feel like home. El Mago is in its essence, about the darkness, ‘we fade into it and the demons that take control’.

Musically El Mago is also a step away from the astro-afronaught spacewalks of ‘Find Us When U Get There’, ‘While I was making EL Mago I was becoming heavily influenced by the alt bands and metal scene in the Midlands. I was rediscovering 90s Trip Hop, 70s Hard Rock and Dub Reggae, I found myself in time warp genre fusion of – what if Black Sabbath were a dark Jamaican dub band in the 90s.
released October 4, 2019

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