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Txê by La Byle

Man Recordings is proud to release the new single by Berlin based crew La Byle. It´s called “Txê” (prounounced “Tshé”) and it´s a track inspired both by rasteirinha and salsa choke rhythms. Yes, this is polymath baile funk straight out of the German capital, embodied by the group consisting of Sera Kalo, Cara Muru, Pitota, Babix and Luana Madikera.

Obviously, the Portuguese and English lyrics in “Txê” are all about moving hips. Like Sera Kalo sings: “You get caught up in a daze, when you watch her body shake, and she whine up in your face, youz a sucker for the txê!”, the same applies for the Portuguese lyrical parts.

With its juicy lyrics, the irresistible groove and a ultra heavy kick drum resembling the mighty surdo drum, dominant in Brasilian samba rhythms, “Txê” is a tune that will shake many dancefloors and parties this summer.

The original track comes with a killer remix by Daniel Haaksman, who added some “Gasolina” inspired spice to the original version.

So now get into the boss mode, shaking!

released June 24, 2021

Written and produced by Thor Hagedorn, Sera Kalo, Jeferson Henrique Pereira de Araujo, Daniel Haaksman. Published by Highscore Publishing. DE-CT1-22-00004. LC14973. (p) 2022 Man Recordings UG. All rights reserved.