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Sesa Remix EP by Team Distant / Jalal Ramdani / Mr Silk / Mel D

The outstanding ‘Sesa EP’ receives a raft of remixes breathing new life into these Afro house gems.

Nearly a year after the original Sesa EP garnered massive support from the likes of Adam Port, Rampa and Black Coffee it now gets remixed by legendary Afro house proponent Manoo, the fresh talent of Da Africa Deep, and upcoming producer Chaleee with Marco Pex.

Manoo’s Touch remix goes first and is a chugging trans-Afropean express train with darting percussion, layers of synthetic arps and trombone drones which all build momentum and drama. The vocal rides on top with understated bass pulses and a melancholic piano to make for something full of emotion and he also provides a stripped-back instrumental. Da Africa serves up a Deep Remix that is wild and spacious with reverb-drenched 808 congas, silky shakers and floating flutes that drift way up high. It’s spine-tinglingly atmospheric and makes for an enchanting eight-minute trip.

Last of all, Chaleee & Marco Pex join forces for a deep spartan vibe that is filled with pulsing bass and cowbell sequencers that rise and fall with eeriness and real suspense.

released May 27, 2022