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Hamza Rahimtula – Raga Bounce [EP] by Lump Records

New Delhi based DJ / Producer “Hamza Rahimtula” / Raga Bounce [EP]

The production is a versatile blend of groovy bass lines and elements from south India and Africa. Raga bounce is a track rooted in deep house with a touch of Indian elements complimented by a flute and temple bells. Dakoo as the name suggests draws influence from the Carnatic system of music in south India, with a touch a bouncy synths. The collection’s groove and instrumentation feels welcome in a number of backdrops, from sundowners to night clubs. With this EP “Spontaneously made” according to the artist he extends that foundation to include deep tech with expressions of his Indian roots.

#Organichouse #downtempo #deeptech #electronic #ethnic #house #tribal

released July 4, 2022

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