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Through The Valley by Zuma Dionys

Sol Selectas welcomes Russian artist Zuma Dionys back to the label, for his first solo EP, featuring 2 original tracks, and remixes by German Brigante and KEENE.

Zuma’s music is a balance between the ancient history of ethnic instruments, combined with the futuristic sound of synthesizers and drum machines, and together, the sonic textures of both past and present, tell us his story.
“Busurman” translates to foreigner. Like a stranger from the future, possessing technology light years ahead of the people of our time, he enters our tribe disrupting what we know to be true. The accordion and synthesizer sounds represent the dialogue between this foreigner, and the leader of the modern tribe. “Though the Valley” is a passage through mountainous desert dunes; a relaxing adventure which allows us time to soak in the beautiful landscape.

Both remixers appear on Sol Selectas for their first time, and propel the songs in exciting new directions. Spanish producer German Brigante takes a deeper pitched down approach on “Busurman”, adding a hypnotic bass line, deep pads, and emphasizing the vocals chants. KEENE, a Panamanian duo residing in Berlin, turn “Through The Valley” into an afro-house explosion, accelerating… more
released February 19, 2021