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Cosas Finas by Hannah Lee

Cosas Finas, the second EP by Hannah Lee, is a mystical exploration of vulnerability, a mixture of childlike fantasy with slight undertones of tragic reality. The six-track lo-fi electronic journey influenced by psych-rock and dub centers a vintage electric organ as a narrative catalyst, accompanying the listener from the confusing process of new beginnings, coming-of-age pitfalls, and learning experiences to a magical yet clumsy land of sonic bliss. Throughout the trip, Hannah Lee edits and manipulates field recordings to use as percussive elements or to enhance storytelling and experiments with untuned instruments and unconventional recording techniques to achieve a sense of melancholy happiness.

Hannah Lee is an LA-born, Quito-based producer and sound artist whose sonic works oscillate between ambient and experimental dance, exploring the introspective and corporal possibilities of electronica through the combination of “sound” and “music.” They have toured internationally in Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina, performing ambient live sets, quadraphonic installations, and both vinyl and digital DJ sets.

released September 16, 2021

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