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Meio Caminho Andado ft. Majibula by Numa Gama

Under the new alias, the producer releases “Meio Caminho Andado” the first single of the full length upcoming record on VOODOOHOP.

Having composed, sung, recorded and mixed most of the tracks themself, gama builds with sovereignty the cosmos of Numa Gama. Words and singing blended into the artist´s sound palette is what out-stand the record in the contemporary Brazilian music universe. The acoustic sounding electronic, result of a microscopic layering of sounds and the singular feeling of vintage keyboards compose the sound space of a possible Neo-Tropicalia. Numa Gama, in the new record draws a parallel between sonorities and the non-binary. Gender bending presence and genre bending music as a way of cultural independence for the South American gender diverse individuals.
released February 11, 2020
Written, played, recorded and mixed by Numa Gama apart from double bass written and played by Majibula.
Mastering Paolo Fedrigoli @ Schallzentrale GmbH Soundstudio