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Tu Sombra by Nhii

New Yorks Nhii (No human is illegal) lands his newest sortie on our polyrhythm-loving, genre-unbound offshoot, A Tribe Called Kotori. Tapping in multiple sonic seams and time signatures, Tu Sombra is deeper than deep voyage for the senses and soul, threading its way somewhere between drum-laden animism, mystique-infused synth wizardry and further metamorphic glides.

First in line, the dislocated groove and koto-like riffs of Omashu take us on slo-burning tribulations from jam-packed opium dens to meditation-friendly zen gardens, bringing ukiyo-ean landscapes to life in incandescent fashion. Sapphire Penumbra, featuring Sant, tackles a more straightforward, dynamic strain of 4×4 expression, ushering us into a sensitive reverie full with soaring oriental strings and myrrh-scented keyboards on a Nubian dance tip. Title-cut Tu Sombra rounds it off on a full-fledged bouncy note, plugging together the suavely nostalgic warmth of bass clarinet with digital showers of bleepin machine funk and lo-intensity, tape-delayed stabs, all spinning around a jacking house swing that packs a mercurial punch.