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Come Te Llamai by Acado, Vincent Marlice

Following up on their debut transmission for A Tribe Called Kotori released in the winter of 2021, Hypnos, Berlin duo Acado returns to us with Como te Llamai featuring Vincent Marlice. Advocates of a lushly variegated, heavily syncopated electro-acoustic sound – grinding down the warm summer vibes of balearic along with a fine concoction of revamped Afro-funk tropes and classic housey chug, the pair dishes out a satisfyingly warm and infectious new specimen of their signature easy-going, nature-loving blends.

Blowing the winds of Latin sensuality across the dancefloor, El Aguante takes us on a dreamy ride through mystique-imbued territories, xylophonic notes mischievously tobogganing down the octave ladder as the sturdy bass keeps us busy shaking our limbs in sync. Lead single Como te Llamai taps in a further jagged form of rhythmic expression whilst highlighting Vincent Marlices balmy timbre in the most delicate manner. Fusing brittle kalimba chords with a hip-rolling swing, world-pop accents and hazy atmosphere, Acados new cut is a polyamorous confluence of colours. Buenos Aires very own Kermesse duo cap it all off with a further slo-churning rendition of Como te Llamai, easing us in an effervescing smorgasbord of mangled folk riffs, patagonian jazz stabs and slo-drip hacienda hoodoo, bound to keep all booty-shakers in check throughout.

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