Sin darle motivo (Derrok Remix) by Uji & La Charo

– en castellano más abajo –

About La Charo
Charo Bogarín is an Argentine artist dedicated to researching the musical Folklore of her land. She is the founder of the duo Tonolec, she is currently developing the soloist side of her career as La Charo.

About Uji
Uji is one of the most unique and forward thinking electronic music producers coming out of South America, whose trance-inducing compositions fuse indigenous and natural soundscapes with the sound design and aesthetics of modern dance music.
Inspired by his nomadic upbringing throughout the Americas, for the past 17 years he has been digging deep into South American ancestral traditions as an ethnomusicologist and documentarian.

About Derrok
Born and raised in the Southwestern Andes, Derrok explores mountain soundscapes, aiming to preserve the essence of his beloved homeland through music, bringing the wilderness to the dance floor with a mix of electronic and organic… more
released July 2, 2021
Una colaboración entre los sellos Folcore Records (Barcelona) y Fértil Discos (Buenos Aires)

Original production: Uji
Vocals: La Charo
Remix: Derrok
Artwork: Metaplasma / @metaplasma
Mastering: Juan Esteban Herrera

This single is part of the project “El Camino de Leda” a tribute to Leda Valladares

© La Charo appears appears courtesy of Espantapájaros

Executive production:
Folcore Records –
Fértil Discos –

Producción original: Uji
Vocales: La Charo
Remix: Derrok
Arte portada: Metaplasma / @metaplasma
Mastering: Juan Esteban Herrera

Este single es parte del proyecto “El Camino de Leda” 
un tributo a Leda Valladares

© La Charo aparece por cortesía de Espantapájaros

Producción ejecutiva:
Folcore Records –
Fértil Discos –

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