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Integraciones #2 by Di Laif & Bosquemar

Fertil Discos presents the second issue of the Integraciones series. Keeping our aim of creating brief but powerful records, which blend different worlds and sounds from two different artists. For this edition, we’ve invited Di Laif (who was joined by italian singer Pat Za and argentinean guitarist Fer Ortiz), and Bosquemar, a new project by Andreas Illig, musician and sound designer from Germany who lives in Chile, specialized in field recordings.

These four tracks were built with diverse sounds and textures. While Di Laif mixes voices and folkloric elements, Bosquemar takes field recordings from the nature mixed with electronic beats avoiding cliches. Nevertheless, they share a distinctive energy. In this case, slower does not mean less intense: they are power polyrythmic songs, pushing us toward many simultaneous directions: nature, darkness, dancing.

We hope you will enjoy this ride as much as we do, both at the club and at home.
released November 8, 2019

Mastering: Sebastian Cordoves