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Tribal Steps [compiled by Indra] by Indra’s Garden

***All the donations will go for building an open space hall in Croatian village, surrounded by nature and permaculture garden, where different activities will be held, like music sessions, ecstatic dance, fire gatherings, workshops, education for children and retreats. All the artists from compilation will be invited to play there once when it’s built. Deepest gratitude for their amazing music and opened hearts.***

Tribal Steps is inspired by conscious gatherings, ecstatic dance and community circles. The whispers of our ancestors invite us to walk in the path of their footsteps, to activate the archaic awareness of animate nature of reality and to cherish all the forms of life. This compilation is a powerful tool for integrating those impulses into our conscious mind through the power of organic music.

It is compiled in the ecstatic dance form , inviting on a journey through various styles and rhythms in order to invoke the power of active meditation inducing an ecstatic feeling of connection with all there is.Praising of organic and sacred sound is holding all tracks together. From meditative to uplifting, from mystical to euphoric, this compilation will activate the ancient spirit in you.
released April 2, 2020

Compiled by: DJane Indra
Artwork by: Mr. Moo
Mastering by: Sonic Crime (Nick Pilouris) @ ESAD Music Studio, Greece
Description: Klaada (multiinstrumentalist & producer)

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