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Summer Sol V by Sol Selectas

The 5th chapter in Sol Selectas annual compilation Summer Sol is here, and in these surreal times we all now live in, good healing music is needed more now than ever before. Allow Summer Sol V to take you on that World wide tour that seems like only a dream at this point. With 30 original songs from producers and collaborations spanning the Globe, we have music from Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Tunis, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Poland, France, Iran, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Serbia, Australia, Indonesia, Netherlands, Switzerland, United States, and Peru. The journey takes you from meditative chill out to blissful downtempo to midtempo spiritual to afro tribal to deep house to organic tech. Original vocals are sung in over 8 different languages and we hear instruments from regions all over the World.

These collection of songs represent how we as humanity are all united together, and should not separate ourselves with imaginary lines called borders. Unified in dance, and spiritual energies, we can all achieve a higher more active state of consciousness, and transcend useless politics and class division.

The artwork by Helia Jamali represents the musical joy of summer, and the playfulness we receive from the Sun’s energy.
released July 3, 2020