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Salgari Records Various Artist 001 – SRVA001

Spring has come, carrying along hope and some freshness in this pandemic scenario.

It’s time for a new start, thus Salgari Records has chosen to to spread messages of solidarity and unity throughout music, engaging DJs and producers who share our same ambitions to release our first DIGITAL COMPILATION on June 1st.

It’s true, right now we are distant and sometimes lonely but we have the chance to shorten the distances dancing and celebrating life together, for there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

We believe that music is the answer, a shimmering light in the darkness when all other lights go out. 🌟
released June 1, 2020

Mastered by G-Effects Studio, Gianluca Patrito
Teo mastered by XY studio, Sevilla

all rights reserved

Compilation release date:
1 June 2020