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‘Papa Doc Aguila’ by Max Manetti. by eclectics


For their 14th release, the Bournemouth-based Eclectics label heads to Italy and brings back the Papa Doc Aguila EP from Max Manetti (Uber/Music For Dreams).

Sharing some of its DNA with Manetti’s previous release on Music For Dreams, Honey Tribe – a track recorded with no instruments other than percussion and voices – ‘Papa Doc Aguila’ has a similarly stripped-back feel.

On Henley, Manetti’s live bass takes the lead, driving the drumtrack to dance around it swishing its skirt. It never puts a foot wrong. Meanwhile, the vocal’s distant echo serves to underline and underscore. It renders everything familiar, while focusing attention on the subtle shifts and gentle twists.

Macoute is a similar study – the same landscape, shot from a different angle. More staccato than its close cousin, with a shuffling drum loop a La Passionara, it shows a sturdier, heads-down dedication to the shamanic shuffle and the repetitive beat.

For remix duties, the release turns to stable favourites James Bright, Faint Waves as well as Eclectics’ main engine driver Grant Williams. Three very different approaches, all with the same message:… more
released October 22, 2019

Artwork – Stuart Daly
Copy – Jah Shabby
Mastering – Rollmottle (Sentrall Studios)

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