[GHR15] Children Of Yesterday by Fanfara Electronica

This is not only about travel, or world music producers, or culture. This this about how we feel, how you feel the world. This EP is about history, love and politic ! Some parts of our musical culture, movies we saw, shitty politics we had and we still have ! This is about human nature, about lot of things.

Also about a music we love. And we are not so much into this kind of tracks but … you know …

We hope you gonna enjoy it <3 by fanfara electronica. credits released january 30, 2019 music : electronica produced global hybrid records artwork tôhm www.facebook.com/dathomscat/ soundcloud.com/fanfaraelectronica www.facebook.com/FanfaraElectronica www.instagram.com/fanfara.electronica/ open.spotify.com/artist/2GXLSDkePkDmtPPQgQBp8p www.deezer.com/en/artist/9155542 soundcloud.com/global-hybrid-records www.facebook.com/globalhybridrecords www.youtube.com/c/GlobalHybridRecords

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