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Mbya Guarani Music 2021 by Aldeia Yynn Moroti Wera Village Choir

Mbya Guarani

On this auspicious Solstice day we bring to you the sacred and uplifting Mbya Guarani chants of the Aldeia Yin Moroti Wera village choir. 

We never released these recordings before but now with the permission of village leader Celita, we share these recordings with the world as part of the fund-raising campaign that the village is starting.

March 2023 the Yin Moroti Wera village will change the Takwara leaves roof of their “Casa de reso”, sacred house of prayer, (Opy), where these sacred chants were recorded. This job will take many days and many hands to accomplish and the village will need some support.

100% of all the money we receive through this page will go directly to Celita to feed all the workers and pay for the many costs needed to restore the sacred house of prayer. In exchange, you can download the music which can be listened to purify the mind, heart, emotions, and the environment where you are listening to this music in.

Thank you for caring and supporting the culture and livelihoods of the Maya Guaranis of Yin Moroti Wera.

If you would like to make a bigger donation directly to our PayPal account to minimize commissions and transaction fees, please send a donation directly to this link,

If you have a Brazilian bank account, the best way to support is to send the money directly to Celita on

 PIX: 987.719.309-49 (Celita Antunes)

May we all be open to receive all the blessings that these songs and this new season brings


Thank you for your generous contribution (you can name your price)

100% will go to the village and it will make a big difference in their lives

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Cristoforo Gaetani

Artwork by Marcos Pacheco and Ari Vassa

More info on

released December 21, 2022

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