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Jornada Selvagem by psilosamples

On “Jornada Selvagem,” Psilosamples takes us on a journey through the digital jungle of minimalist beats, mind-altering sonorities, and the unpredictable roads and turns that make his sound unmistakable. The album is simultaneously the immersion and release from the mental trip of “screened” life that became even more dominant during the pandemic – it’s the “savage journey” of finding the way out.

Psilosamples is a music producer & performer known for being one of Brazil’s most innovative music makers. Since the year 2000, the producer has been composing and remixing Brazilian and world music with his references in IDM, hip hop, downtempo, experimental, and techno. Psilosamples was one of the producers that formed VOODOOHOP’s sound identity and is also known by many as “Aphex Twin da roça” (from the countryside). Psilosamples has officially remixed big names like Elza Soares and performed in many festivals in Brazil, and has toured internationally in Europe, Mexico, and Japan.
released August 13, 2021

Art: Kenji Kihara