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Trance Illusion (CT001) by H2O & GATS

~ Entangled minds, noospheric realm, astral projections & inner dancing ~

We are delighted to present H2O & GATS’ collaborative EP, “Trance Illusion”.

Taken from the two sonic explorers’ aquatic jam sessions in Berlin, these four tracks delve into subaquatic machinery and synaptic oscillations. Intuitive, time-distorting, mind melting improvisations recorded between 2019 and 2020 in Matthias Kanik’s (GATS) studio.

For the first time, these soundwaves will be translated into the physical world in the shape of a limited Cassette (K7) pressing, inaugurating the Curuba Tapes series ////

Listen to the snippets on Soundcloud :
released March 5, 2021

~ Original Tracks : H2O, GATS
~ Remixers : Zoroxxe, Psycho Tropiques, Ditti, Machka
~ Artworks : Vicss
~ Artistic Direction : Le Frit
~ Mastering : Alon(e)