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Joint Ventures by Mytron & Ofofo

Affectionately dubbed JOINT VENTURES, Mytron & Ofofo’s carefully curated package of remixes hits the digital shelves with a revived vim and vigour. It isn’t enough for them that the originals shine a light on genres unknown, and uncoined – they’ve put out the sensors and

Mixes come courtesy of Calypso stars Iñigo Vontier and Thomass Jackson, the ‘Tipos Locos’ as they have been tagged in many a #socialsnap. Each man taking the reins and riding the mix south of the border. London mad-man and maestro of Hamam House Jonny Rock is in the game showing off some of his best and Multi Culti’s very own under-water-inna-space explorer Dreems keeps the tempos low with a bubbling psychedelic adventure.
released October 23, 2020

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