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Oudara by Daniel Rateuke

Over a year on from his last incursion on the label, Daniel Rateuke turns up again on A Tribe Called Kotori to deliver his newest single, “Oudara”. Cross-pollinating a funk-savvy mix of African polyrhythms with AI-informed programming, the German producer fuses soulful forms of traditional music with cutting-edge potentialities through three incarnations of the same track.
Whilst the original version lays down proper instrumental-centric arrangements, flush with fevered drums from hell and an 8-bit-ish, pixelated rendition to some desert caravan music on an oneiric spin, the “club mix” dishes out a throbbing meshwork of ominous bass arpeggios, explosive tribal percussions and African chant sample to keep things groovy in the sweatbox. More discoid in essence, the fast-spinning rough take will have the dance floor teleported from a heated bush ritual right up stratospheric heights in one gravity-defying swoop.
released March 25, 2022