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Statues – Let It Pass by eclectics

Eclectics release ‘Let It Pass’ by Statues Listen to all tracks here.

Essex-based trio Statues return to Eclectics with another four-track EP. There’s no change to the MO – two exceptional OGs rock up to the party, each with a +1 in the form of a killer remix.

Rotunda is all swagger and shoulders. A mid-paced beast that swaps sharp edges for a slow roll, that rocks… but gently. The synthetic bass dives deep, providing balance and ballast while the upper register takes advantage of this free reign. Zither glissandos ebb and flow while guitar lines drift in and out, marshalled into time by a neck-snapping shuffle with a sense of slow, unhurried purpose.

Showing a similar, singular focus, is Gold Suite, AKA Bali’s Joey Fitzgerald. Opening the original up wide enough to drop in a piano, acoustic guitar and lead line licks, he builds a remix that is in equal parts balearic groover and 3am mover. The result is a certified banger that will see arms raised quicker than any armed bank heist.

Lessons, by contrast, sees Statues in repose. A simple cymbal pattern leads the way as organ, strings and bass join in, laying the ground for the mournful vocal refrain “The past is a lesson”. What follows is a blissful slice of horizontal balearica pitched… more
released April 25, 2021

Produced by Bradley Lucke
Keys by Mark Crooks
Guitars by Bradley Lucke and John Garry
Drums Percussion and Keys by Bradley Lucke

Produced by Bradley Lucke
Vocals by Grant Carruthers
Keys by Mark Crooks
Guitars by Grant Carruthers and John Park
Bass Drums and Keys by Bradley Lucke

Copy -Jah Shabby
Art – Santi Oviedo
Mastered by Sentrall Studios