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Sold Love, Sold by Evadney

The debut EP from Brighton based singer and producer Evadney.

Consuming you in one swoop, across the 3 track EP of poetic electronic-pop odyssey’s Evadney captures his own outsider experience. Throughout ‘Sold Love, Sold’ his distinct and melancholic voice acts as the guiding force, weaving between driving electronic elements, subdued rhythms and almost beatless moody textures.

The politics of sexuality, identity and Evadney’s intersectionality are played out across this cinematic piece of work. He claims “I couldn’t find an open reference for the black gay male when I was growing up. As it became my experience it also became my struggle.” On ‘I Think Of Being In Love’, Evadney’s vivid storytelling flows effortlessly throughout, as he sings about believing in love enough to find it and explore it. ‘Who’ll Raise You?’ acts as an exaggerated version of love, with its possessive flavours of infatuation, obsession and lust. Whilst ‘Jamaica’ is about navigating the sea of grief that followed his grandmother and aunt both passing away.

Growing up in the UK in a big Caribbean family, Evadney’s sound has been shaped by a variety of different sounds, from hearing old school soca and calypso tunes at family parties, to his… more
released March 8, 2019

Produced by Quays
Art by Kate Bones