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Unlocking the Doors of Infinity 003: Music for Yoga Flows ft. Rikke Brodin

Unlocking the Door of Infinity 003 ft. Rikke BrodinWelcome to the third edition of Unlocking the Doors of Infinity, a musical journey created for practicing yoga, breath work, or anything else that this journey inspires in you.I met Rikke this past January in San Marcos La Laguna, Lago Atitalan, Guatemala. We instantly connected with our passion for yoga, philosophy and science!In this edition, Rikke shares some beautiful words to guide you into your practice and to return home in the end. She has blessed us with a glimpse into her knowledge and understanding of the quantum field as well as her profound connection to the body and mother earth.Here you can read her beautiful transmission:”Presence yourself to yourself.Presence yourself to the movement of your breath, to the drum of your heartbeat.Presence yourself to the grounding solidity of your bones as they echo the anchoring resonance of the earth.Presence yourself to the fluidity and the deep sea intelligence of your organs.Presence yourself to the electricity of your nervous system and subatomic particles that vibrate as you.There is aliveness here.There is a pulse of creation.Pour yourself into yourself, pour yourself into this pulse, into the currents that usher their way through the matrix you experience as “you”Into the depths of you, into the deepest chamber of you, into the ground of your being.Into the stillness, into the silence.Here is a gateway, a portal from your being into your becoming.There is a longing here, a longing for life to birth itself out of itself.Give yourself to this desire.This body knows it birthed itself, it made itself, it moves, it has always know how to move.Out of a field of potentiality you vibrate into form; nothingness spiraling into everything-ness, pulsing between the opposites of expansion and contraction.Waves of expression in an ocean of awareness and energy.You are reality rediscovering itselfyour body is the mystery awakening to itselfyou are emptiness, dancing~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Give yourself to the earth.Offer the whole weight of yourself to the longing pull of gravity.To let yourself be held, to resource yourself in the holding field of the earth, in the felt sense that you are not falling through space, but that you are deeply held.Held within the web of living-ness that weaves you into itself.Rest here.Let your back body melt like wet clay to the fertile soil underneath you.Let your front body dissolve open into infinite sky.You are the channel between the two.You are the earth sky vessel.You are infinity vibrating as form.Give yourself to this mystery.”