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La Levantine by Firas Nassri

¨La Levantine¨ . In feminine, means something native to the countries surrounding the eastern Mediterranean, also a woman or feminine energy from this area.
Exploring freely between indie electronic, downtempo and techno, between darkness and light, given by the many acoustic sounds and voices that ‘’ La Levantine’’ enjoys, this album represents something totally new in the catalog of Cosmovision Records and presents itself as a very interesting new voice in the genre, taking an inspiring journey from track one with Anqi Sun & Nadim Souaid until the awesome end with Falco Croatico and lots of surprises in between.
The album is a creation of Firas Nassri, a prolific Syrian-Canadian artist based in Montreal who lives between the Indie and the Electronic scenes exploring the ideas of identity, cultures and the meaning of creativity with his now awarded project ¨Beige-a-Coeur¨, ¨Enigmatic Alchemy¨ and his solo work debut here for you.

‘’ La Levantine’’ presents herself as one of Cosmovision Record’s most enigmatic jewels, with a sweet touch of elegant darkness and mystery from the Middle East, balanced with a feeling of freedom and exploration coming from the new electronic sounds of the Americas.

We hope you take the time to listen to this jewel… more
released January 8, 2021