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Simbiosis EP by Terror/Cactus & GUAZÚ

Earthly Measures is delighted to present their final release of 2021 ‘Simbiosis’ – a collaboration by producers Guazu & Terror/Cactus

The EP begins with Cumbia Transoceanica, an electronic cumbia with an evolving melody that sways back and forth, like a conversation between the two artists living oceans apart.

In Zambita, an acoustic guitar dances alongside swirling digital synthesisers over a 6/8 polyrhythm, creating an ethereal electronic take on the traditional Argentine folk dance called “Zamba”.

Simbiosis kicks off with some of the strong upbeat and shuffle of Cumbia before it takes off into new territory, exploring playful melodies and euphoric harmonies.

Selva Misionera begins with a field recording that Selasco (Terror/Cactus) recorded in the jungles of Iguazu in Northern Argentina. Using texture, biomimicry, and melody, the track evokes the feeling of being immersed in a humid forest surrounded by wildlife. Flute by Kate Olson and lo-fi percussion by Mike Gebhart

In the track Cueva, traditional Andean flutes called Sikus play a haunting melody that ushers the listener into a dark and magical underworld.

The remixes of Selva Misionera and Cueva by Honduras producer Abi Lean add another layer of complexity and mystery to the tracks. By re-introducing some of the traditional sounds and rhythms of Cumbia, the remixes take on an organic and mystical feel of their own.