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Um Universo Brincando de Ser Gente by Sentidor

The latest release from Brazil’s Sentidor bounces from beauty to fear as it searches to understand our place in the cosmos. With all profits going to the relief effort for the COVID-19 pandemic in Belo Horizonte, it’s one of Sentidor’s most personal records to date.

It’s a release that walks a fine line between order and chaos, harmony and dissonance, trying to find the answers while all around falls apart. It takes in sonic cues from ambient music, broken beat and percussive soundscapes, mixing moments of melodiousness and transcendental beauty alongside fracture sounds and emotions, to create music that is as serpentine and fascinating as the current moment we find ourselves in. Here’s João Carvalho, aka Sentidor, to explain further:

“This entire EP was produced a few months before the current global COVID-19 pandemic. I decided to release it right now because it carries for me a prescient, and spiritual, aura. Um Universo Brincando de Ser Gente (“a universe playing at being human”) is a title inspired by the old Hindu idea that the entire cosmos is playing hide and seek with itself. It strives to reach deep, to feel a sense of astonishment, the incomprehensible mixture of beauty and fear that characterises every historical moment of change.”

“The songs deal with a sort of cosmological revolution and… more
released May 8, 2020

All instruments and voices recorded, mixed and produced by João Carvalho in Toca da Coruja studio, Belo Horizonte, Brasil.