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Pleamar by Chancha Via Circuito & El Búho

Pleamar (Spanish for high tide) is the first collaborative release between Chancha Vía Circuito and El Búho for Wonderwheel Recordings, and stands as one of the most refreshing EP’s within the Latin American downtempo electronic genre.

On this release the vision of both artists is united as one. This unity is reflected through “Real Fun, Wow!”’s artwork, presenting an image of a centered eye, reminiscent of historic drawings from tide studies. The representation of Earth, with a central circle surrounded by two ellipsoids that rotate and align in perfect harmony, mirrors the meeting of the two producers, the moment when the seawater reaches its apex and Pleamar occurs.

Like a metamorphosis that – without knowing it – we had been waiting a long time for, the EP reconstructs Pedro and Robin’s encounters over the years. It transports us into the history of migrant sounds, the salvaged sound of floral jungles, high mountain forests and the ocean deep. We hear a sonic beauty filled out by deep personal stories – four humble and honest tracks that demonstrate the fusion of these artists and both them and the genre into new territory.

Starting with “Oruga”’s deep ambience, dub atmospheres and space echo reverberations, the album follows this line of reverberated rhythms and relaxed percussion lines throughout, carrying us along with a pulsating, deep, natural tempo. “El Mago Georges”, perhaps the Pleamar’s jewel, is bursting with life – impactful depth and perfectly tuned melodies yet tribal and delicate at the same time. “Murga del Viento” recalls another meeting of these two minds: El Búho’s much-loved remix of “Sueño en Paraguay” a beautiful track from Chancha Vía Circuito (“Amansará” 2014). Here the whistle meets the owl from the previous track and the two birds take us a step forward in this collaboration with chords superimposed on a haunting bass. The release ends with “Una Pulgada de Silencio”, a track of cosmic synthesizers, trickling water samples and the voice of argentine folk singer Gus Goncalves. Through Pleamar we come to find a much needed peace and clarity hidden beneath the rolling waves, a deep-sound escape to get lost in.