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Misturas by Baiuca

Less than a year after the publication of “Solpor”, Baiuca’s debut, which placed him as one of the most avant-garde and transversal proposals of the circuit, connecting the root of Galician music with the most innovative contemporary electronics; He returns now with “Misturas”, an album in which, from the original recording tracks of the debut of Xosé Lois Romero & Aliboria, he manages to rebuild, resize and take to a new stadium.

We are not talking about versions or remixes: in “Misturas”, Baiuca manages to recompose part of that repertoire from another perspective and from another genetics when it comes to building the songs. Aliboria’s wild raciality is maintained, but, in turn, it is taken to a new territory, in which it flirts not only with electronics, but with other oriental and Iberian rhythms and with addictive and immediate pop structures.

released March 15, 2019