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FRIEDEN | Fundraiser for Ukraine by Drosssel

What a year!

Just when it felt like there was already enough drama going on for a whole century in a tiny decade, things became worse and more confusing by the hour. A sadly too well known Russian dictator started invading Ukraine in early 2022 and as of the years end is not showing signs of retreat.

The time to not be political has clearly come to an end and so we set out to empathize with our sisters and brothers that have lost their homes, ripped their lives apart and express our condolence to those that have lost their loved ones. There is very little in our power to help, but with this compilation we try to raise at least a little money to help those in need.

Since we’re a record label and not an NGO we decided to forward 100% of the profits to Blindspots e.V., an organisation dedicated to help distribute material donations and evacuate people from embattled cities. You can read more about their work here:

We’re thankful to have so many talented artists who are willing to support this cause and hope you will enjoy this colourful spread of musical expression.



released December 22, 2022

Mastering by Tilmann Eimicke @Haunted_Water
Artwork by Анастасія Колеснікова (Anastasiia Kolesnikova)
all rights reserved

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