Sí Y No by jiony


Hey lovers!

Another spring has sprung and maybe also because it is much different than all the springs we sprang before, there’s a sense of newness in the air.

Being nestled inside for so long, we ended up doing what we do best anyway: whipping up a nice warm release cake for our little sweet beaks out there.
Now that everyone has the time, kick back in your favourite sweatpants, enjoy a nice beverage and get sucked into a weird, cinematic dream created fully inside your ears, courtesy of our hombre from across the great blue puddle: jiony.

It must either be the Mexican sun, or they put something in his enchiladas as a child, but jiony’s past years have been highly productive, to say the least. We’ve been eyeing (or earing?) him for quite a while now and it finally lead to his and our newest baby “Sí Y No”.
Yes and No, an ambivalence that, in a way, reflects a state of mind that many of us know just too well in these times.

Here’s to keeping up the spirits and delivering a little relief for your minds!

The D tho the r to the osssels

released April 23, 2020

All tracks written & produced by Jonathan (jiony)
Additional credits on Casi Invisible go to Mabe Fratti
Additional credits on Amargo Ser go to Ser Humano & Paulina Olea
Mastering by Tilmann (Haunted Water) in Berlin
Artwork by Jens (Chöko Aba)

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