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Imanes by Selvagia

Imanes (single)
Release date August 14th, 2020

About: Selvagia
Erick Del Aguila (musician, record producer and film composer), creates “Selvagia” to contribute and spread the legacy of Peruvian rhythms and sounds.
EDA lived in Los Angeles for 6 years where he met percussionist Alex Acuña working on a film for Warner Bros.
A few months later, EDA recorded Acuña in different types of percussion, and with local musicians in Peru in order to produce “Autohipnosis” EP.

About single: Selvagia – “Imanes” single + video release
“Imanes” (which means magnets in Spanish) is a 160bpm hypnotic ritual where the use of different percussions by Alex Acuña, processed voices, and abstract flutes stand out.

Videoclip 👉

Video concept: At “La Regla” cemetery in Callao, Peru, ghosts are invoked by the music played within the cemetery
and they come out to dance, possess, and finally break free from the physical plane.

Video x Hallogallo // Edited and animation x Nico Saba // Color x Wawin // logo x Qenqo

Selvagia Social Media
SOUNDCLOUD: @selvagia
released August 14, 2020
Produced, mixed and mastered by Erick Del Aguila aka “Selvagia” at Qmulus Sound (Lima, Peru 2020)
Percussion Alex Acuña

Artwork Single: foto x Ro Haber

Folcore Records:

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