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Return to the Temple by Nalini Blossom & Alunawachuma

Blessed Solstice

On this special day we bring to you;

“Return to the Temple”

A sound journey into light language and channelling of sacred cosmic sound. An invocation, prayer and silent listening to the sacred within.

Channeled by Nalini Blossom and produced by Cristoforo Gaetani aka Alunawachuma

This song is a true sound journey so we suggest you close your eyes in a safe space and relaxed state and allow the sound to carry you through a vibrational journey.

Infused with the essence and love frequency of many mystery traditions of the world.

This one, in particular, was channelled in the Isis Temple of London and carries with it all the energy and emotion from Nalini’s pilgrimage to Egypt.

Come and see this performance live on the Heartwood Stage in Medicine Festival UK this summer

Blessings and great wishes for a regenerative, prosperous and inspirational season ahead.

Music by:
Produced by:
Mastered by:
Artwork by: Marcos:
and Ari:

The song is €1.11 but remember that artists live from their work so if you feel like paying more, you would be supporting them to keep doing what they do.

Keeping Art, Culture and the Sacred Flames Alive,

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