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Marinero en Chapinero by Mente Orgánica on Fertil Discos

Going back home feels like an after party

Mente Organica’s new album was recorded after he went back to his country and his studio, after more than one year in Europe. The title refers to the famous quarter of Chapinero, in Bogotá. Just as it happens there, the record mixes very different energies and velocities, all of them coloured by latin american melodies, keys and motives. From cumbia to salsa, everything is executed with purely electronic means. RIght from the beginning, the record brings us to a nocturnal mood, providing different climates and textures for different nights.Just as he did in his previous album Ojos (Fertil Discos, 2018), Jacobo has a very peculiar way of using voices, closer to pop music than to the usual electronic productions. Short sentences, every-day-mantras, brief episodes – they are repeated subtly but steadily until they become familiar. In Cumbia Afrodisiaca, Mcpto’s voice adds a slow and firm sensuality to the cumbia base. In addition to latin american rhythms, the record includes acid and minimal techno elements, Palenque samples, synths of all kinds, rhythm machines… the exact balance for someone arriving in a tropical country, seeking to spend some time in the studio after living two years in the land of techno.



Jacobo Polanía is a colombian producer and multi-instrumentalist. He named his project Mente Orgánica due to the fluidity and the natural way in which his songs are created: in an organic and natural way.
His first single, Manos, produced together with his father (Carlos Polanía, a.k.a. Turista) was published by Fertil Discos in 2017, and generated interest and fans all over the world. From that moment on, he never stopped producing and editing music. His compositions mix organic sounds with electronic elements, leading to deep introspective journeys. His passion for ancestral music and world sounds have allowed him to become one of the key producers of the scene.
releases June 12, 2020

Arte de tapa: Clau Smith
Mastering: Sebastián Cordovés