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P​.​M Project Feat Keiko Yoshimura – Stay By My Side by P.M Project Feat Keiko Yoshimura

P.M Project deliver a profound tune flourished with the magic voice of Keiko Yoshimura.

Keiko’s dreamy and silky voice combined with the powerful drum arrangement and groove results in a deep but vibrant song straight for the dance floor.

The single consists of 4 mixes, 2 remixes from Cee ElAssaad and a mix from Christos Fourkis.

Written and produced by P.M Project and Keiko Yoshimura.

Mastering by Deep Soul Space

Cover Art by Dimitris Georgiadis

released March 5, 2017

Written and Produced by P.M Project & Keiko Yoshimura
Publisher: Deep Soul Space / D-Version
Copyright: Deep Soul Space 2017